Accelerando Music Camp at Études

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Join Us Winter 2017!

For three weeks, this 8am-6pm day-camp program will provide your child with fun, holiday, musical group activities and crafts as well as your child’s choice of different elective musical activities throughout their day.  A day at camp will include musical games, handbell activities and Boomwhackers®, a drum circle, dancing and singing, musical story-time, and the option of private music lessons with our outstanding teachers. Join us on this international holiday adventure!

Ages 4-12. Full day, 8am-6pm, 1-week sessions, Bring Your Own Lunch


Daily Schedule

8:00-9:00 Drop off
9:00-10:00 Map the Music Meeting
10:00-11:00 Crafting and Creating
11:30-1:30 Lunch & Recess at Volta Park (barring inclement weather)
@Georgetown Lutheran Church
1:30-2:30 Making Music: Drum Circles, Handbells, or Boomwhackers
2:30-3:30 Musical Stories
3:30-4:00 Snack
4:00-5:00 Move it!
5:00-6:00 Free Play & Pickup

Week 1: December 18, 2017 – December 22, 2017: $425/week; $95/day
Week 2: December 26, 2017 – December 29, 2017: $340/week; $95/day
Week 3: January 2, 2018 – January 5, 2018: $300/week; $85/day *8am-5pm
You have the option to purchase a private lesson with any of our teachers!
Private Lesson Ad-Ons:
1 Private Lesson for $45
2 Private Lessons for $85
3 Private Lessons for $120

Winter Camp Registration Open Now!  
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