Early Etudes


Early Etudes is our residency program in local preschool and childcare centers for students 3.5-5 years old. Early Etudes currently offers piano lessons at the World Bank Children’s Center and Diplotots, Too. 

(4) 25-Minute Classes per Month: $150

Register your Preschooler:

Preschoolers and the piano go together perfectly! Preschoolers are busy exploring their world, finding out how things work, discovering patterns, and discovering new ways to express themselves. At the piano, your child will continue this development while being introduced to a lifelong love of making music. During piano lessons, we will move, dance, sing, color, and tell stories, always using age-appropriate methods to tackle complex musical concepts. Most importantly, we will always pace lessons so that your child is comfortable and challenged.

Scheduling: When you register, your child will be assigned a specific lesson day, but not a specific time. Working with classroom teachers, we will work around your child’s classroom schedule and activities each week to provide a convenient lesson time. Your child will not be taken from other enrichment activities or mealtimes for piano lessons.

The more parents know, the better! We make sure parents know what their student is working on during each and every lesson. Because we do not get to touch base with parents at every lesson, we email weekly giving a rundown of what was covered during the lesson and what they can work on at home. Music is meant to be shared, so please encourage your preschooler to share what they are working on at home.

Cancellation Policy: Our monthly rate accounts for 4 lessons per month. The fifth lesson of any month will be considered a make-up lesson for student or teacher absence. Students will be given make-up lessons for cancellations when at least 24 hours notice is given. We will use the same policy and always try to give you at least 24 hours notice for any cancellations. Early Etudes will be closed any time your student’s school is closed. No Refunds will be given for absences or cancellations. Please give Early Etudes one month notice before discontinuing lessons or taking a leave of absence.

Curriculum: Teachers will issue books to students as needed from the Faber and Faber series, My First Piano Adventures. Parents will be invoiced for any books needed.  Please leave both of your child’s books at school. If your child does not have the books at school for the lesson, we will not be able to provide a lesson. Families are encouraged to purchase a secondary lesson book for practicing at home.