Études Residency Programs

With our Études Residency Program, you can have a piano studio in your school! We take care of the details.    

We provide:
Ÿ •   A Yamaha Arius Digital Piano,
Ÿ•   Liability Insurance, and
•   Full Administrative Support.
•  World-Class Teachers with thorough Background Checks,

All we need is:
 •  Ÿ5-10 committed students and
•  Semi-private space designated for lessons. (An enclosed room must have a window, or we      must be able to keep the door open.)

The more parents know, the better!

We make sure parents know what their student is working on during each and every lesson. Because we do not get to touch base with parents at every lesson, we email weekly giving a rundown of what was covered during the lesson and what they can work on at home. Music is meant to be shared, so please encourage your preschooler to share what they are working on at home.


Teachers will issue books to students as needed, and Parents will be invoiced.  Please bring books on lesson days. If your child does not have the books at school for the lesson, we will not be able to provide a lesson.


Ages 3.5-5: (4) 25-Minute Classes per Month: $150
Ages 6+: (4) 30-Minute Classes per Month: $180


To Register, email the following information to info@dcetudes.com:

School and Classroom:
Student Name:
Student Date of Birth:
Parent(s) Name:
Contact Phone:
Contact Email:
Please initial the following statement. Authorization: I understand that by registering for lessons, I am authorizing Études to pick my child up from his/her classroom for the allotted appointment time. I understand that my child’s school will not be held responsible for my child while s/he is signed out for a piano lesson.