Études Private Lessons – Voice

We offer voice lessons for ages 5 and older. Voice lessons are grounded in proper technique and musical literacy. We strive to promote healthy singing, so learning is centered on understanding the connection between your body and your voice. We also strive to help each student develop confidence as a singer. The curriculum is tailored to each student’s age and ability. Repertoire may include classical art songs and arias, songs from popular Broadway shows, folk, or pop music. Each lesson will include:

– Breathing and posture technique
– Learning and expanding your voice’s capabilities
– Sight-singing
– Theory
– Listening Skills
– Performance and musicianship
– Confidence Building

It is suggested that if you are 12 years or older that you sign-up for hour long lessons, since many singing concepts and techniques can take time to learn and master.

Tuition for School Year Lessons:
September 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018

30-Minute Private Voice Lessons: $50 per lesson/$200 per month
45-Minute Private Voice Lessons: $75 per lesson/$300 per month
60-Minute Private Voice Lessons: $100 per lesson/$400 per month


Voice Lessons take place on Thursday afternoons with Miss Daisy Hsieh.  Lessons can be scheduled by e-mailing us at info@dcetudes.com.